Thursday, June 04, 2020

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About Us


“We are accountable to our clients in Central Ontario for professional, independent, and personal advice, products and service.”


For the past 12  years we have operated under the name of SANDERSON INSURANCE & INVESTMENTS , but that was not the beginning…

In 1986 after 11 years in the financial industry, Barry Sanderson started a new financial services business in Cannington called “ Barry Sanderson Insurance & Investments “”. In the beginning there was just Barry, however over time the office has grown and moved to downtown Lindsay Ontario.. Now there are four staff providing advice to almost 1,200 clients.

Since that humble beginning 28 years ago the name has changed as the industry changed, but the commitment to integrity and providing unbiased financial advice and products in an independent environment, has not changed.


WE ARE INDEPENDENT: And we mean that in the full sense of the word. We are not owned in any part by a financial institution that also produces financial products.

WE BELIEVE IN PROFESSIONAL MONEY MANAGEMENT: We do not manage money ourselves. We work hard to find the best financial money managers/products for our clients from over 100 different financial institutions, be they Banks, Investment Firms, Life Insurance Co’s, Trust Companies, Pension Managers, or Credit Unions. Add to this a team that has over 200 years of combined experience in the financial industry, and you have a winning combination.

WE BELIEVE INTEGRITY IS NOT JUST A WORD, BUT THE ONLY WAY TO DO BUSINESS: We chose carefully five years ago to associate with a national financial dealer PEAK FINANCIAL GROUP because after much research we felt that their motto “Integrity Above All” was more than a saying. They walked the talk. When we work with you to map out your financial future, we will give you an honest answer to all your questions.